“Looking for a quick, professional photographic service
that doesn’t cost a fortune?

I can help with most of your photographic needs. I specialise in People, Pets and Equestrian photography, but I also cover events, home interior shots for houses going on the market and even product shots for your new business. Quickly, efficiently and without breaking the bank!”

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About me

My love of photography started at about 10 years old when I was given a Kodak Box Brownie camera. I spent hours at the Johannesburg Zoo taking photographs of the animals. Most of the shots were pretty dismal but the bug had bitten.

I then dabbled in photography again in the ‘90’s in the dying days of film, offering product and headshot photography as a service to my clients in my Presentation business. And then 3 years ago I decided to get seriously into the wonderful world of digital photography. 

My initial training (and I still do courses with them) was through DPC run by Danie Bester. A wonderful photographic school, staffed by some of our top professional photographers, and offering in-depth training on just about every aspect of this fascinating discipline. And then, of course, ongoing learning, gleaned mainly from hours and hours of instructive U-Tube videos from some of the best in the business from all over the world. 

You never finish learning in photography.

When I’m not shooting for clients, I shoot for myself.

We are blessed with an amazing country to to live in as photographers. There is no end of magnificent subject matter to be found. From our great game reserves to our beautiful coastline, spectacular sunrises and sunsets and close ups of flowers and insects. Each genre requiring different photographic skills to be learned, and new rewards to be gained in special images recorded.


Early  morning and late afternoon often produce superb soft lighting ideal for shooting our beautiful landscapes. A particular favorite of mine is the bushveld of Mpumalanga.

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Our  Natal coast is great for sunrises and of course Cape Town gives you the opportunity for both sunrises and sunsets. Grey stormy weather also produces wonderful photographic opportunities, if you don’t mind getting wet.

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Capturing great wildlife shots is a specialist area dominated by giants of the art such as David Yarrow whose shots of the elephants in the Amboseli in Tanzabia are legendary. But if you love the bush and our very special game reserves, why not take your camera and start practicing? 

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For me, bird photography is a very diverse and rewarding genre and probably my favorite one. From capturing an unmoving wading bird waiting for a meal in the reeds at the side of a lake to an attacking eagle swooping on its prey or a Lilac Breasted Roller, perfectly lit by the early morning light. 

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Arty Stuff

Flowers, Close-Ups and High Speed, Black and White, Astro, a full moon rising. The list goes on of the beautiful and spectacular subject matter available to us. Join the wonderful world of digital photography. You won’t be sorry!

How Can I Help?

You may not need my professional services right now but you may have just started with photography, or be interested in taking up this  fascinating hobby, and have a whole lot of questions. Where do I start? What gear do I buy? So many options? Does it have to cost so much?

Or you may already be shooting but not getting the results you want and not sure why. Or you want to get off your camera manual mode to produce more creative shots. Maybe its post processing and the complexities of Lightroom and Photoshop. 

Whatever help you need, drop me a line. If I don’t have the answer, I will find someone who does, or at least point you in the right direction.

John Griffin

Contact Me

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